What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process that converts an image of text into a machine-readable text format.

How to install more OCR languages?

  1. In Windows, open the "Language settings" window. (You can search it by pressing Win key)
  2. In "Preferred languages" section, press "Add a language" button.
  3. Choose a language that you would like to install, and press "Next" button.
  4. Uncheck all "Optional language features" as we don't need any of them for OCR to work.
  5. Make sure that under "Required language features" it lists "Optical character recognition", if it's not listed there then your language doesn't support this feature, and press "Install" button.
  6. Wait for Windows to install the language we choose in the background.
  7. After the language is installed, ShareX will include it in language drop down menu next time OCR window is opened.