Amazon S3 guide

How to configure Amazon S3 and use it in ShareX

Get AWS account

Create policy

We are going to create this policy to increase our security by giving only PutObject permission which is used when uploading files.

Create group

Create user

[Optional] Secure your account

You don’t need to do these but it is suggested for security of your account.

Create S3 bucket

The bucket is where your uploaded files will be stored.

[Optional] Configure DNS for custom domain

If you are going to use your own domain then you must configure DNS.

For example if you are using Cloudflare, your bucket name is and it is stored in EU (Frankfurt) region then these are DNS settings:

You can find list of region endpoints from Destinations -> Destination settings -> Amazon S3 tab -> Endpoints

So value should be {bucketname}.{endpoint}

Check here for more info.

Configure ShareX Amazon S3 settings

Now you are ready to use Amazon S3 in ShareX!