Region capture / Image editor


Keybind Description
Hold left click / Insert Start region selection
Delete Delete current shape
Shift + Delete Delete all shapes
Ctrl + C Copy position and size info
Ctrl + V Paste image or text
Ctrl + D Duplicate shape
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Arrow keys Move cursor / Move current shape
Ctrl + Arrow keys Resize current shape from bottom right corner
Alt + Arrow keys Resize current shape from top left corner
Shift + Arrow keys Resize or move faster
Home Move current shape top
End Move current shape bottom
Page up Move current shape up
Page down Move current shape down
Mouse wheel Change magnifier size
Hold Ctrl Disables shape selection to allow drawing shape top of another shape
While creating region
Keybind Description
Release left click / Insert Finish region selection
Right click / Delete Cancel region selection
Hold Ctrl Move shape
Hold Shift Proportional resizing
Hold Alt Snap selection to preset sizes
When cursor top of shape
Keybind Description
Left click / Insert Select shape
Hold left click Move shape
Right click / Delete Delete shape

Region capture only

Keybind Description
Esc / Right click Close region capture
Tab / Middle click Switch between last region and last drawing tool
Space Fullscreen capture
1 / 2 / 30 Specific monitor capture
~ Active monitor capture
Double left click / Enter If multi region mode is enabled then capture regions

Image editor only

Keybind Description
Hold middle click Pan image
Ctrl + Mouse wheel Zoom centered on cursor
Ctrl + + Zoom in
Ctrl + - Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 Reset zoom
Ctrl + Alt + 0 Zoom to fit
Enter Close image editor and continue task with changes applied
Right click / Space Close image editor and continue task without apply changes
Esc Close image editor and cancel task
Ctrl + S Save image
Ctrl + Shift + S Save image as…
Ctrl + C Copy image to clipboard
Ctrl + U Upload image
Ctrl + P Print image


Keybind Description
M Select and move
R Rectangle
E Ellipse
F Freehand
L Line
A Arrow
O Text (Outline)
T Text (Background)
S Speech balloon
I Step
B Blur
P Pixelate
H Highlight
C Crop image
X Cut out

Pin to screen

Keybind Description
Hold left click Move image
Right click / Escape Close image
Middle click Reset image
Double click Minimize image
Mouse wheel / + - Change image scale
Ctrl + Mouse wheel / Ctrl + + - Change image opacity
Ctrl + C Copy image